Loading dock wheel guides Docker 2250х159 / 45°

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The guide wheels are mounted on the ground in the parking areas of freight transport to rail and cargo handling ensure accurate entrance of freight transport to the place of unloading. They prevent damage to the gate, ramp, building or vehicle due to inaccurate control (night, rain ...) Thanks to the smooth surface of the guide rail, truck wheels are not subjected to damage. The guide can be processed by hot-dip galvanizing technology (optional), which guarantees a high resistance to the external environment.

The objective of the safety bumpers is a depreciation at the time of docking truck ramp with overload and prevent damage. A characteristic feature of the safety bumpers is molded shape, which is attached to a steel plate which, in turn, welded or screwed to the metal profile dock or a building wall. Through this connection, the design protects the wall and transport damage.

Parking stubs. This kind of production refers to road barriers, barrier-type, and is the most effective means of providing passive safety for pedestrians and vehicles. Fixed column serves to separate the sidewalk from the road or vehicle access to the fence surrounding area. Fences of this model are set on the sidewalks, and bars are used for the protection of parking spaces. Made of metal pipe. On the surface of the coated strip of reflective film.

A two-component epoxy enamel painted on the previously primed surface. The standard coating color: bright red RAL 3000.