Telescopic Crane-beam 2ton Docker 1500+1000 mm

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We offer various types of crane beams (arrows, hooks) for forklifts, reach trucks, stackers. 

The telescopic cran-beam is available in several variants and is mounted on the fork of the loader.

Universal telescopic crane-beam with a variable angle of inclination up to 30 degrees.

This type of crane beams, is the most popular, because it combines simultaneously 3 crane beams.

It is produced in 3 main modifications.

The type of attachment to the forklift is by means of a locking pin through special brackets at the bend point of the forks at 90 degrees.


         Telescopic Crane-beam Docker specification

Main characteristics
1 Lifting capacity of boom base  2000 kg
2 Lifting capacity of the boom  700 kg
3 Length of boom base 1500 mm
4 Boom length 1000 mm
5 Weight 350 kg