Stationary loading ramp 6 tons for unloading 2 semi-trailers

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Stationary loading ramp РММ-2-22-40-6-У Docker.
Type: for two semi-trailer.
Dimensions of the inclined part (WxL): 2270x7000 mm.
Dimensions of the horizontal part (WxL): 2270x4000 mm (2pcs).
Width of passage: 2000 mm.
Dimensions of the hinged lip (WxL): 2000x600 mm (2 pcs.).
Flooring of horizontal and inclined parts: welded gratings.
Working stroke: 1000-1500 mm.
Loading capacity: 6000kg.
Protection: perimeter fences - removable.
The height of the fence is 200 mm.
Drive type: Supporting screw jacks - 5 pairs.
Safety margin of a design: 30%.

Stationary loading ramp is a stationary mechanical structure. It's used in warehouses and cargo docks for the simultaneous loading / unloading of several trucks. Stationary loading ramp is capable of serving 2 (two) trucks at the same time.

Stationary loading ramp consists of an inclined part, two horizontal parts with hinged lip, support screw jacks and fences. The construction of stationary loading ramp is all-metal, the supporting beams are made of I-beams, the entrance and hinged lips are made of corrugated sheet. The flooring is made of welded gratings. The stiffness frame, located under the flooring, distributes the load from the wheels of the loader and provides a coefficient of adhesion of the wheels of the loader to the surface of the platform. Lifting and lowering the platform is carried out using support screw jacks, located around the perimeter. Support screw jacks have a design identical to the screw jacks used on automotive semi-trailers.