Loading bridge (sliding function) Docker 2000х1000mm

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Mechanical bridge Dock is a simplified version of the dock leveller

The mechanical bridge (movable platform) is installed on the ramp with the help of the mounting pad on swivel hinges. The finger of the swivel hinge is made of drawn steel bars.

The mechanical bridge is made of corrugated steel with thickness of 5…10 mm. The supporting frame of the platform is made of bent steel profile with closed or open section and withstands the torsional loads.

The mechanical bridge is supported by the spring compensators of torsion type. In order to lower the bridge it is necessary to step on it. The device is lifted with the help of the handle attached to the lateral side of the construction.

Models of the mechanical bridges manufactured by our enterprise can be found in the price list of the company, «Price list» section.

The unit price decreases as the number of units increases!!!

Loading bridge ММО specification
1 Carrying capacity, kg  4050
2 Width, mm 2000
3 Length, mm 1000
4 Height, mm 150
5 Working stroke, mm +220 (-200)
6 Net Weight (± 5%), kg 280
7 Length of lip, mm 250
8 Length of slide guide, mm 3000