Mobile loading ramp 8 ton 12 meters hydraulic

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Mobile loading ramp 12 meters 8 tons.
The minimum ramp lifting height is 1000.0 (mm)
The maximum ramp lifting height is 1700.0 (mm)
Horizon: 1400.0 (mm)
Carrying capacity - 8000kg.
Stock of strength - 30%.
Number of wheels - 4 (pcs)

The total length is 12000.0 (mm)
The length of the horizontal part is 3000.0 (mm)
The length of the inclined part is 9000.0 (mm)
The width of the horizontal part is 2150.0 (mm)
The width of the inclined part is 2150.0 (mm)
The width of the carriageway is 1860.0 (mm)
Sheeting roadway of ramp: welded gratings.

The kit includes:
- Manual hydraulic system;
- Chains with carbines;
- Special device for transportation by forklift;
- Hydraulic connections EURO2;
- Wheels with polyurethane rim.

It is used in warehouses and cargo docks for loading / unloading of semi-trailers, trucks, containers and railcars. Mobile ramp serves as a bridge between the ground and trucks, providing direct access for the loader to the truck. Mobile ramp hydraulic consists of two side load-bearing profiles, supporting frame, entry, the transport wheels.
In the central part of the structure on the bottom of the frame, a hydraulic group is instaled and provides raising and lowering of the ramp. The design of the supporting frame is made of welded longitudinal and transverse sections and connected to the side supporting profiles so that the upper portion of the side support section acts as a protective barrier.
Hydraulic group consists of a manual oil pump and two hydraulic cylinders connected to the oil pump by means of high pressure hoses. Oil pump includes a pump plunger type, oil tank and a unloading valve. Single-acting cylinders returns to the initial position under its own weight. The oil pump is mounted on one of the support beams.
Entry and lip are made of corrugated metal. The flooring is made of expanded metal. On the sides of the structure, mechanical screw jacks are installed, ensuring the raising and lowering of the ramp. To move the mobile mechanical ramp, on the side of the carrier beam is pivotally mounted conveying block with screw connection (for One fork of the loader). On the front edge of the ramp, on the side supporting beam safety chains are fixed, to fix the ramp to the truck frame. A two-component epoxy enamel painted on the previously primed surface. The standard coating color: bright red RAL 3000.

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