Stationary Loading Ramp 10 ton for unloading container trucks

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This yard ramp is a stationary mechanical structure with an adjustable height level. It is used for loading / unloading 20-foot containers, which are placed on a container ship with an indent from the edge of the carriage up to 3 m. Stationary loading ramp is capable of servicing one container truck.

The principle of operation of stationary loading ramp:
With the help of support-screw devices, stationary loading ramp is raised to a height of 1600mm.
Container truck drives under stationary loading ramp, up to the threshold of a 20-foot container.
The height of stationary loading ramp is designed in such a way that there is no difference between the container floor and the stationary loading ramp floor. Works are performed using a forklift.

Stationary loading ramp consists of a horizontal platform, support-screw devices and fencing.
The entrance to the platform can be carried out from a concrete ramp or on the attached inclined part (optional) or using a mobile ramp.

The construction of Stationary loading ramp is all-welded, the load-bearing beams are made of I-beam, the flooring of a lentil leaf. The frame is under the flooring, can be made of both I-beam and channel. Lifting and lowering of the overpass is carried out with the help of single support-screw devices (jacks) located along the perimeter. These support-screw devices are used on automobile semi-trailers.

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Mine description
Country Ukraine
Manufacturer Docker
Type Mechanical
Loading capasity 10000.0 (kg)
Minimum ramp height 1100.0 (mm)
Maximum ramp height 1600.0 (mm)
Perimeter security fence Yes
Own weight 3300.0 (kg)
Warranty period 24 (month)
Total length 4000.0 (mm)
Length horizontal part 4000.0 (mm)
Width​ of horizontal part 3100.0 (mm)
Roadway width 2810.0 (mm)
Dimensions of hinged lips
Length of hinged lips 600.0 (mm)
Width of hinged lips 3600.0 (mm)