Stationary Loading Ramp 8 ton for unloading container ship trucks

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Stationary Loading Ramp РММ-31-40-8 Docker.
Type: for container ship trucks.
Dimensions of the horizontal part (WxL): 3100x4000 mm.
Dimensions of the inclined part (WxL): 2490x7500 mm.
Roadway width: 2200 mm.
The width of the passage for a container ship: 2810mm.
Flooring of a horizontal part and hinged lip: 5mm corrugated sheet.
Flooring of inclined part: Welded gratings.
Hinged lip (WxL): 900x600mm (4pcs).
The fence of horizontal part is removable - 1 pc.
The fence of the inclined part is stationary around the perimeter.
Working stroke: 1100 - 1600mm.
Loading capacity: 8000kg.
Drive type: Supporting screw jacks - 6 pcs.
Lifting system: manual 2-speed.
Safety margin of a design: 30%.


This stationary loading ramp is a stationary mechanical structure with an adjustable height level. It's used for loading / unloading 20-foot containers, which are placed on with an indent from the edge of the truck up to 3 m. Stationary loading ramp is capable of servicing one container ship truck.

The principle of operation of the stationary loading ramp:
Using support screw jacks, stationary loading ramp is raised to a height of 1600 mm.
A container ship truck drives under horizontal part of stationary loading ramp, up to the threshold of a 20-foot container.
The height of the horizontal part is designed so that there is no difference between the threshold of the container and the floor of the horizontal part. Loading / unloading works is carried out using a forklift.