Hydraulic roll tilter Docker 1.5ton

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Hydraulic roll tilter

Using this unit, the spatial position of the object is changed by turning it to the desired level along the horizontal axis. The tilter for rolls changes the center of gravity of the load using a hydraulic drive.

This equipment often rotates the product 90 ° and 180 °, thereby facilitating further work when moving, installing, warehousing.

Roll tilters can be used for various types of cargo, which makes them universal. Tilter can significantly improve the safety and efficiency of work.

The tilter can be made with additional options:
- radio control;
- sound and light alarm;
- fencing;
- live rolls;
- The function of tipping cargo in both directions.

It is possible to manufacture a tilter for: wire bays, motors, paper rolls, drums with ropes and other cylindrical cargoes.

We can design and manufacture a tilter with the characteristics and options you need.