About us

Our products are in 80 cities of Ukraine and in 11 European countries.

We design and manufacture certified lifting and reloading equipment TM Docker, developed taking into account the different climatic conditions. Authorized production is located in Zaporozhye (Ukraine) and is equipped with all necessary equipment. Product quality in line with European (The Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC), which is confirmed by regular orders from EU countries. Trademarks are the property of the company. Our employees ― experienced certified professionals.

Benefits of working with us:

  1. Our own design of constructions
  2. Skilled staff
  3. 24 month warranty
  4. Short delivery terms
  5. Decrease in price with increase in quantity
  6. Post-warranty service
  7. Certificates

We manufacture TM Docker Lifting and handling equipment:

• Loading system for warehouse (hydraulic and mechanical)
• Stationary loading yard ramps 2-10 sectional for semitrailers
• Ramps mobile hydraulic and mechanical
• Hydraulic hoists (scissor lifts)
• Freight elevators (external and mine)
• Cantilever hoists (hydraulic and mechanical)
• Equalizing platforms (dock leveler)
• Bridges fixed and sliding
• Dock shelters mechanical and inflatable
• Dock hauses cold and insulated
• Loadings farms, connecting (replacement of concrete ramp)
• Portable bridges for unloading containers and semi-trailers
• Repair platforms for forklifts
• Attachments for loaders (mandrels, crane beams)
• Load uppender (hydraulic and mechanical)
• Warehouse safety systems (bumpers and guide rails)
• Control units (of all types of lifts and leveling platforms)